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Award-winning indie developer of VR video games and innovative mixed-reality (AR) experiences

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Retro Inspired

Future Forward

Inspired by the arcade classic Pop-A-Shot, JUST HOOPS brings retro arcade-basketball to new school mixed reality. 

Just Hoops logo orange
Just Hoops Mixed Reality Arcade Basketball Pull Up

Pull Up. 
Wherever you are.

Whether it be an invitation to ‘pull up’ and play, or a challenge for you to “pull up” and shoot, JUST HOOPS asks you to do one thing: Pull Up.

JUST HOOPS is an immersive gaming experience that features multiple play modes and more than 60 levels of changing hoops! 

We operate in a mixed reality world that has no limitations. Wherever you are — whether that’s your bedroom, garage, your office or a hotel —  JUST HOOPS is at your fingertips.

Just Hoops Mixed Reality Arcade Basketball with Pop-A-Shot
Just Hoops Mixed Reality Dino Prehistoric
Just Hoops Mixed Reality Basketball Invaders
JUST HOOPS - VR arcade basketball by Realcast
Just Hoops Mixed Reality Arcade Basketball with Pop-A-Shot
Just Hoops by Realcast


It all depends on you and your level of expertise! Both modes offer a different gaming experience. We suggest starting in arcade mode with controllers. Most people find this mode really fun and easier to shoot. After you master arcade mode, try the more challenging experience of shooting with your bare hands in expert mode.

Make sure to play in an environment with good lighting. You may have tracking problems if you’re too much in the dark. Also, playing in a place with a contrasted background helps the cameras detect the movements of your hands better.

The game is available on the Meta Quest (app lab) and Pico headsets. We are planning to release the game on the official Meta Quest store and PS VR2 in coming months.

Yes! JUST HOOPS is a game that will continuously evolve. Stay tuned for fresh content and updates!

The online multiplayer mode allows players to connect and compete from anywhere in the world. You can use the auto-search feature to play against a random opponent, or invite your friends to compete in a private room.

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