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Realcast Extended Reality Studio
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Award-winning indie developer of VR video games and innovative mixed-reality (AR) experiences

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XR Technology Studio

We are creators

blockbuster games & innovative experiences

Video games

We are building the future of gaming through extended reality. We believe that games allow people to connect unlike anything else. We are focused on developing technology and content to support better immersion in the metaverse, with valuable upcoming XR releases on the horizon.

We have a track record of building quality content and brands. Our team is comprised of accomplished experts who have previously created well known video game franchises including, Just Dance, Raving Rabbids and Ghost Recon.

location-based experiences

We have created award-winning, location-based experiences, including 'Insurrection 1944' - an XR experience that immerses users into the inner workings of the French armed resistance.

These innovative projects have further enhanced our technology and industry knowledge and skill to remain at the forefront of extended reality.

Our Team

Nino Sapina, Co-Founder & CEO at Realcast
Co-Founder & CEO

Nino Sapina

20+ years in video games and robotics. As Executive Producer at Ubisoft, created blockbuster games – including Just Dance (100mm+ copies sold). Also served as CTO at Softbank Robotics for 15+ years, working with Diego.

Diego Fernandez-Bravo, Co-Founder & CTO at Realcast
Co-founder & CTO

Diego Fernandez-Bravo

20+ years of experience as a programmer, lead-programmer, producer and game director in video games. Titles include – Raving Rabbids, Just Dance and Ghost Recon for Ubisoft.

Rasheen Smith, Co-Founder & President Realcast
Co-Founder & President

Rasheen Smith

20+ years experience in operating and advising startups on product and brand development, distribution and strategy. Rasheen is the Founder of Flexpower and a Venture Partner at Elefund. 

Marv Vezina, Co-Founder & COO at Realcast
Co-founder & COO

Marc Vezina

25+ years working with individuals and institutions worldwide. Helped co-found and advised on several startups. Marc leverages expertise around financial, legal, and fundraising strategy.

Software Developer

Camille Boyer

Content Director

Clément Bigot

Elise Combette, Software Developer at Realcast
Software Developer

Elise Combette

Greg Buffet, Tech Artist at Realcast
Tech Artist

Gregoire Buffet

Gameplay Programmer

Hugo Teyssier

Community Manager

Leila Rharmi

QA Tester

Louis Mercier

Game Artist

Manon Chaumette

NICO BREDIN, Sound Director at Realcast
Sound Director

Nicolas Bredin

Level Designer

Pierre-Oscar Chantebel

Pierrick Brabarroux, Software Developer at Realcast
Software Developer

Pierrick Barbarroux

Game Designer

Quentin Croizit

Tech Artist

Silja Hury

Theodore Pelluard, Gameplay Level Designer at Realcast
Gameplay Level Designer

Theodore Pelluard

Thomas Inard Chavin, Software Developer at Realcast
Art Director

Thomas Inard Chavin

Tech Artist

Violette Riffault

at the forefront of

extended reality

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